Filing a Claim with the City of Foster City
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Filing a Claim with the City of Foster City

If you feel that the activities of the City have caused you injury or property loss, you may make a claim to the City to recover damages.  To request a claim form, please call 650-286-3220.

Typically, an injured party must file a claim with the City within six (6) months from the date in which the incident occurred.  California Government Code Section 910 requires certain information to be submitted for the claim to the complete. These requirements include (but are not limited to) such things as the claimant's name and address; date, place and circumstances giving rise to the claim; description of the loss; and, the amount of the claim (refer to Government Code Section 910for more information). The City's claim form will request the necessary information.

Once a claim is received, it is reviewed by the Risk Manager, who is the Human Resources Director of the City. The Risk Manager will make a determination as to how the claim should be processed. The City will have 20 days to provide notice if the information provided is insufficient. If the claim is considered complete, the City has 45 days to make a determination as to whether to grant (approve) or deny (reject) the claim.

If the claim is of a smaller amount and it is determined that the City is liable, the Risk Manager can authorize the payment of these smaller claims. If the claim is more significant, or it is believed that the City does not bear liability, the Risk Manager will then determine if the claim should be handled by the City's insurance claim administrator, ABAG PLAN, and/or by legal counsel.

Once the claim has been processed for determination of liability, the claim will be brought before the City Council during a regular City Council meeting. If the City Council believes the claim is valid, they can authorize the payment of claim. If, however, the City Council does not believe the City is liable, the City Council will reject the claim. If a claim is rejected, and the claimant still feels the City is responsible, the next recourse is the court system.

Common Misconceptions about City Liability

The City regularly rejects certain types of claims.  Before you request a claim form, see if your claim is one of these:

  • Sidewalk Tripping Hazards:  In terms of liability, sidewalks belong to property owners. If you trip and fall and are injured on a sidewalk, a claim should be filed with the owner of the property adjacent to the sidewalk.  If the sidewalk is adjacent to City property (like a park or City building) then the City is the proper authority.
  • Golf Balls: If you are parked near the Mariners Point Golf Course and a golf ball hits your windshield, the City's contractor, VB Golf is responsible for your claim.  Contact VB Golf at VB Golf, LLC, 2401 East Third Avenue, Foster City, CA 94404 or 650-573-7888.
  • Softballs/Baseballs:  If you are parked near one of the City's sports fields and a ball hits your windshield, you are responsible for any damage.  All of the City's parking lots near sports fields have signage advising that those lots are "park at your own risk."  Contact your automobile insurance agent to determine whether your insurance will cover the damage.

City Hall - 610 Foster City Blvd.
Foster City, CA 94404
(650) 286-3200