Economic Development
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Economic Development
Welcome to the Economic Development Home Page.  We hope you will find everything you need here to do business successfully in Foster City.

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Economic Development Strategic Plan. Created by the Economic Development Ad Hoc Subcommittee and approved by City Council on September 19, 2016, this plan is the first two years of programs and initiatives supporting long-term economic development in Foster City.

SCOOP Carpool Program. One of the first programs developed from the Economic Development Strategic Plan and in the area of transportation and circulation networking is a partnership with SCOOP technologies, a carpooling connection service app. Click here to learn more about this exciting program.

Business Visitation Program.  We would love to come to your location to introduce ourselves, meet you and have an informal conversation about what you love about Foster City, why you located here and what makes you stay.  We'd also love to know what we could be doing to be a great partner for your business.  Contact to set up a meeting with our Economic Development Team.

Business e-Newsletter.  This monthly publication "hits the highlights" of the news that affects business in Foster City.  Visit our e-Newsletter page to view the archive or learn how you can subscribe for free!

Economic Development Meetings.  The City Council and its Economic Development Subcommittee meet on a regular basis to set goal and strategies to enhance the business experience in Foster City.  Minutes and agendas from these meetings can be found here.

Business Ombudsman Program.  Need a Planning or Building permit?  Having problems with garbage service?  Looking for transportation options?  Want to work with the City on a special event?  If you are not sure where to begin, you can contact, or click the link above to contact our Business Ombudsman Program for assistance.

Foster City Economic Dashboard.  Foster City has been successful in managing its resources through both good and bad financial times.  Take a look at some of our economic indicators to see why we know this success has resulted in excellent financial status and quality of life for residents and businesses.

Foster City Restaurant Guide.  If you are in Foster City, there's no reason to go elsewhere to eat.  Need a location for business lunch?  Want to have a catered lunch at your location?  Foster City has some wonderful restaurants.  Use the Restaurant Guide to browse the options.

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