Fire Safety
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Fire Safety
Exit Drills In The Home (EDITH)
Conducting regular Exit Drills In The Home will help you and your family to be more prepared when a real emergency hits.
Fire Exits
Your ability to exit a building in the event of a fire may be of primary importance someday.
Fire Lanes
Fire lanes, marked with a red curb, must be kept clear for emergency vehicle access.
Holiday Fire Safety
Don't let your holiday turn into a nightmare. Treat holiday decorations with extreme care.
House Numbering
House Numbers provide direction for emergency personnel. Make sure that your house numbers can be seen.
Juvenile Fire-Setting
Juvenile Fire-Setting is a serious offense that can be a symptom of deeper problems.
Preventing Cooking Fires
Inattention while cooking is the number one cause of preventable fire in Foster City.
Spring Cleaning for Safety
Spring Cleaning can significantly decrease your risk of fire and property loss.
Weed and Debris Control
Untended vegetation and debris around structures may pose a significant fire hazard, especially during summer months.

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