Fire Department Apparatus Fleet
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Fire Department Apparatus Fleet

Foster City's regular "front line" fleet consists of two fire engines, one fire truck and one command vehicle. One fire engine and one fire truck are held in "reserve" for use when one of the front line vehicles has to be taken out of service for maintenance or repair.

All Fire Department equipment is built specifically for the City of Foster City, which means the time between ordering and receiving a vehicle can be as long as 18 months. Once complete, however, the vehicles have exactly the dimensions, capacity and structure that the City needs and wants. Below are photos and descriptions of the apparatus.


Engine 28 is a 1997 Spartan/3D fire engine.  It has an all-aluminum body, 1500 Gallon per Minute fire pump and boasts 430 horse power motor.  It has been in service since October of 1997.  Engine 28 is the second Spartan/3D built fire engine in the fleet.


Engine 29 is our newest piece of equipment and was built in 2003.  Engine 29 was built by manufacturer Crimson Fire Apparatus and sits on a Spartan Cab/Chassis.  Engine 29 also sports a 430 horse power motor and a 1500 Gallon per Minute pump.  Engine 29 was equipped with an automatic dual foam distribution system for use on flammable liquid fires.


Truck 28 is a 1998 Spartan/LTI.  Truck 28 has a 100' aerial ladder and is commonly known as a "tiller truck."  This truck, although large in size, is incredibly maneuverable due to the rear steering axle.  This unit can make it into spaces that even its smaller counterparts, the fire engines, cannot make it into.  Truck 28 is equipped with over 200 feet of ground ladders and has over 500 cubic feet of storage space.


The Battalion 6 vehicle is a 2006 Ford Expedition and functions as a Command Vehicle with numerous radios, computer terminals, and a printer.  It also has a built in "office" of sorts in the rear of the vehicle that allows the Incident Commander to track resources for both small and large scale emergencies.


Engine 128 is also a Spartan/3D build up and was placed into front line service in 1994.  Engine 128 served Foster City as a front line fire engine until 2003 when it was placed into reserve status.  FCFD was so pleased with the performance of Engine 128, a second "sister" unit was built and purchased in 1997 (see Engine 28 above).


Truck 128 (Reserve), with its 75' aerial ladder, is pretty impressive. Like Engine 128, Truck 128 is an important part of the Fire Department fleet as it can function as either a Fire Truck or a Fire Engine when any of the front line apparatus must be taken out of service for preventive maintenance or repairs.


Boat 28 is a 2003 zodiac.  It is a rubber inflatable rescue boat with a 30 horse power outboard motor.  Boat 28 has been used many times in both the interior Foster City water ways for rescue and in the bay waters that surround Foster City. Utility 28 is a Ford F250 purchased in 2010 and was purchased to function both as a utility vehicle and to tow Rescue Boat 28.  Utility 28 has a camper shell and holds all of the necessary gear to support a swift water rescue operation. 

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