How to Manage Non-Domestic Birds in Foster City
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How to Manage Non-Domestic Birds in Foster City

We occasionally hear from folks who are having trouble with our resident wild bird population and we are grateful for the care and concern that our residents have for the local wildlife.  Most often we get questions about Geese and Crows as they seem to be the most likely to interact with humans in Foster City.


Crows have become very common in Foster City.  Crows are members of the Corvidae family and are protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty.  Foster City does not have a "crow abatement" program but does encourage the practices recommended by the Humane Society of the United States to discourage crows from hanging around individual properties and neighborhoods, which has been helpful for some citizens.  We also implement these suggestions in our parks system and around city facilities. Please see the link below to the Humane Society of the United States.



Geese and ducks are ubiquitous in Foster City, with its inviting waterways and mild weather.  Sometimes it seems that flocks of geese have taken over some of our fields or parks - tearing up the turf and leaving excrement in their wake.  Over the years, Foster City has implemented a number of goose-discouraging tactics on its properties as well as in conjunction with the school district properties.  Geese are also protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty, so efforts to discourage the geese must be humane and non-lethal.  Foster City does not have a goose control, abatement or deterrence program for private properties and would encourage property owners to do what they can to discourage any wildlife from their properties by limiting access to food, water and shelter that would attract wildlife.


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