Foster City Dog Park
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Foster City Dog Park

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Foster City Dog Park
Hours of Operation: 6am-10pm Daily

 Foster City Dog Park is located in Boat Park at the corner of Foster City Boulevard and Bounty Drive.
The Foster City Dog Park has separate, fenced-in areas for big and small dogs, and consists of synthetic grass and decomposed granite.

Other Parks for Dogs:
Dogs may be off-leash (but under control) between the hours of 5am-8am daily in designated areas of the following parks.

Boothbay Park- Corner of Edgewtaer Blvd. and Boothbay Ave.
Catamaran Park- Corner of Shell Blvd. and Catamaran Park
Edgewater Park- Corner of Edgewater Blvd. and Regulus St.
Farragut Park- Corner of Beach Park Blvd. and Farragut Blvd.
Sea Cloud Park- 5am to 8am Mon-Sat and 5am to 9am Sun. Corner of Pitcairn Dr. and Sea Cloud Park Dr.  The designated area is in the back of the park.

Download a copy of Foster City's Dog Parks and Laws Brochure here (PDF).

For information about:
Maintenance and Off-Leash Areas: 286.8140
City Dog Laws and to Report Bites: 286.3300

City Hall - 610 Foster City Blvd.
Foster City, CA 94404
(650) 286-3200