Water Activities
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Water Activities


Boating in the Foster City lagoons is allowed. However, no gas or diesel powered boating is allowed. Boats may be powered only by sail, electric battery, or by person power. Boats are required to be registered while in Foster City. All California State safe boating laws should be followed and enforced. On an electric motorboat, sailboat, or vessel that is 26 feet or less in length, all persons 11 years of age or less must wear a Type I, II, or III Coast Guard-approved personal flotation device while underway (unless the child is restrained by a harness tethered to a sailboat or is in an enclosed cabin). Clearance under the bridges is 22' at the center for the Foster City Bridge, Shell Blvd and Bicentennial Bridge. The Rainbow Bridge clears at 15' at the center. Boats must be taken on-shore for storage overnight unless stored on private property. There are no City storage areas. Foster City has two boat ramps, but small boats may be launched anywhere.The boat ramps are located in Boat Park (Bounty Drive) and Ryan Park (670 Shell Blvd-behind Teen Center).


Non-commercial fishing is allowed in Foster City, and a state fishing license is required. These are available at any sporting goods store. The Foster City Lagoon contains Halibut and a large population of bait-fish.


The Foster City lagoons are safe for swimming, which can be done in any area. Caution should be taken regarding boat traffic. The water temperature varies from season to season and is reflective of the air temperature. The County Health Department tests the water regularly especially near the beaches. If they find any contamination causing a possible health risk, signs are posted. All Foster City streets drain into the lagoons. The City flushes the entire body of water on a frequent basis. Please note that the lagoon water is salt water. There are no public swimming pools in Foster City.

Water Activity Concessions

California Windsurfing
Want to get out on the lagoon, but don't own a watercraft? California Windsurfing is located in the main Leo Ryan Park/Recreation Center parking lot, just past The VIBE.They offer Beginning Windsurfing lessons and rent windsurf boards, paddleboats, and standup paddle boards.

Edgewater Marine LLC
Edgewater Marine LLC provides access to the lagoon via electric Duffy boat rentals.  As Duffy Direct representatives, Edgewater Marine LLC also offers authorized sales (new and pre-owned) and maintenance service for Duffy Electric Boats.

Helm of Sun Valley

3rd. Ave is one of the best windsurfing and kiting spots in the San Francisco Bay Area.Helm of Sun Valley offers windsurf and kiteboard rentals at the "3rd. Ave" launch site in Foster City.  Their rental shed is 100 feet from the waters edge and some of the best windsurfing and kiting on the planet!

Kite 415
KITE415 is the first IKO certified kiteboarding center offering lessons at our "3rd. Ave." location. Boasting some of the best kiteboarding instructors in the world, their staff is trained and registered with both the International Kiteboarding Organization (IKO), as well as the Professional Air Sports Association (PASA).

Wind Over Water

City Hall - 610 Foster City Blvd.
Foster City, CA 94404
(650) 286-3200