Senior Games
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Senior Games
Day Game Time Room
Mah Jong 1pm-3pm Senior Wing Lobby
Monday Bridge 1pm-4pm Clipper Room
Monday Pedro 1pm-4pm Sunfish Room
Tuesday Open Play
1pm-3pm Senior Wing Lobby
Thursday Bingo 12:30pm-2:30pm Lagoon
Thursday Bridge 1:00pm-4:00pm Clipper Room
Friday Open Play 10am-3pm Clipper Room

Please Note:
·Open play is for any game group that wishes to use the space

·Players are responsible for forming own groups; inform Front Desk if you would like to be listed as a contact person to coordinate a group; Parks and Recreation Department will only furnish the free space

·Bring your own materials

·No money may be exchanged in play with the exception of Bingo

·No formal instruction for play is available; however, many group participants will assist in teaching games


Billiards are available Monday through Friday from 9am-4pm.

·Billiard balls must be checked out at the Senior Wing front desk during regular business hours (9am-4pm)

·You must exchange your ID or keys for the balls

·If no one is at the Senior Wing front desk, you can find your keys/ID at the Recreation Center front desk

·There is a 30 minute maximum when others are waiting to play

·Singles may use the table, provided that no one is waiting to play

·Singles are encouraged to pair up in teams

·Non-seniors may use the table only if accompanied by a senior

·The rules of the game are those agreed upon in advance by the players

·Cover the table when you are finished

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