City of Foster City Police Officer Recruitments
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City of Foster City Police Officer Recruitments

Police Officer Job Description


Attends and successfully completes a POST Basic Police Academy and the Field  Training Program and then is appointed to the position of Police Officer.  

A police officer, while under general supervision, will be expected to patrol  an assigned beat, protect life and property, prevent crime, maintain order,  enforce laws / ordinances / constitutional mandates, do investigative work in  detection of crime, perform public service tasks, while working varying hours and shifts.          


This is an entry level public safety position. Attendance at a POST approved  Basic Police Academy is required. This position requires working unusual  hours on rotating shifts and working under inclement weather conditions.          


A police officer may be required to supervise other police officers, reserve  officers, non-sworn employees, explorers, and volunteers. A recruit police  officer will receive general or direct supervision from the police academy  and the Department. A police officer may receive general or direct supervision form another police officer, corporal, sergeant, lieutenant,  captain or chief.          


Upon appointment as a police officer patrols an assigned area in a vehicle or  on foot answering calls for service and instituting necessary enforcement  action, enforces City / County / State laws, conducts investigations of  crimes, handles accidents and disturbances, directs traffic, prepares  reports, makes arrests, testifies in court, serves warrants and subpoenas, cooperates with other law enforcement agencies and City departments, provides  information and answers inquiries from the general public. There are many more duties expected from an officer depending on their experience and  appointments to Special Assignments such as:


Ability to: Ability to successfully graduate from a POST approved  Basic Police Academy. Ability to make forceful arrests, ability to read,  comprehend, explain and apply complex issues of law derived from code books,  computer programs, and other printed material. Ability to drive a motor  vehicle under normal and emergency conditions safely. Ability to hear and  understand verbal communications at normal speaking tones via voice, radio  and telephone and to verbalize succinctly. Ability to qualify in the use of  firearms on a regular basis. Ability to write accurate, clear, concise,  legible and factual reports in a timely manner. Ability to observe and  accurately recall names, faces, numbers, incidents and places. Ability to  think and act quickly in emergencies and evaluate situations and people  accurately. Ability to exercise discretion and maintain effective working  relationships with fellow employees and the public.    


Graduation from high school or  passage of GED in accordance with Govt. Code Sec.1031(e); successful  completion of 30 semester units of college at an accredited institution is  desirable.          


Must pass a comprehensive physical examination, as provided in the Medical  Screening Manual by POST...   

Weight proportionate to height and build.    

Vision acuity minimum of 20/100  corrected to no less that 20/30 with normal color vision.   

Must have no record of felony criminal convictions or misdemeanor conviction which could affect his/her credibility as a witness in a court of law.   

Must be of good moral character to be determined by a thorough background  investigation, conducted under POST guidelines, including a polygraph and  psychological testing.   

Successfully complete a POST approved Basic Police Academy.   

Successfully complete the Field Training Program with the Foster City Police Department.          



Possession of a valid  California driver's license; be at least 21 years of age; either be a U.S.  citizen or obtain U.S. citizenship within that period of time as prescribed  by law.          


Recruit Police Officer:
$39.45 - $41.42 Hourly
$6,838.00 - $7,180.00 Monthly
$82,056.00 - $86,162.00 Annually

Police Officer:
$45.84 - $55.72 Hourly
$7,946.00 - $9,658.00 Monthly
$95,352.00 - $115,896.00 Annually

Additional educational incentive up to $500.00 per month

“Excellent Service—Every Call—Every Contact—Every Day!”

City Hall - 610 Foster City Blvd.
Foster City, CA 94404
(650) 286-3200