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Engineering and Construction

Engineering and Construction

The Administration and Engineering division provides the administrative and engineering services to maintain, operate, repair, and where necessary, improve city/district public facilities. This group maintains the City/District mapping system, monitors the use of the public rights of way in the city/district and ensures that developments conform to city/district codes. Check out the GIS mapping page, which provides users an easy way to look-up information, such as:
  • Where is Erkenbrack Park?
  • What does my house look like from the air?
  • Where is Bayporte Development?
  • What Election Precinct am I in?
The Engineering Division is responsible for:
  • Maintaining the 2,055 streetlights and 24 traffic signals
  • Managing the traffic and transportation planning for the city
  • Administering a majority of the City/District's Construction Capital Improvement Programs
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Encroachment Permit

Details on when an Encroachment Permit is needed and necessary forms are available.

Traffic Signals

Traffic Signals

Foster City operates and maintain traffic signals. You may report traffic signal problems through the city's Traffic Engineering Department.

Street Maintenance

Street Lights

Report street light outage in your neighboring area.

Banner Guidelines and Form
Encroachment Permit Application
Encroachment Permit Package
Encroachment Permit Procedures
Standard Details - Sewer
Standard Details - Streets
Standard Details - Water
Transportation Permit

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