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Lagoon and Levee Systems

Lagoon System

The Foster City Lagoon as a drainage detention basin is designed to withstand successfully a storm of 100 year return frequency, or a storm of such severity that it is likely to occur only once each century. The lagoon therefore provides maximum drainage security for Foster City. Stormwater collected throughout the City flows to the Foster City Lagoon. All storm water enters the storm drain system through curb inlets and catch basins, and drains into the lagoon from which it is pumped into the bay ... more

Levee System

Foster City's Levee system is primarily designed for flood protection. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has certified Foster City's levee as providing protection from the 1-percent annual chance (base) flood ... more

Lagoon in Foster City

Lagoon System

The Lagoon System is both used as a catch basin as well as for local recreational purposes.

Foster City's Levee System

Levee System

The Levee system both provides protection and recreational purpose.

Lagoon Recreation Activities

Water Activites

Enjoy various water activities allowed in the lagoon.

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