AB 2176 - Recycling at Large Events
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AB 2176 - Recycling at Large Events

In September 2004, the California Legislature passed AB 2176, a law that requires operators and organizers of large events and venues to develop and implement waste reduction plans that include recycling strategies, and to report on the results of their efforts to the designated local Agency/City.

Summary of AB 2176: 

  • Requires local cities to annually report to the State on the progress of waste reduction and recycling from the top 10 percent of large venues and special events in their jurisdictions.
  • Requires that the event organizer provide the name, location, and description of the event and the type of waste that will be generated and recycled during the event to the local City.
  • The types of events that may fall under the mandatory reporting requirements include events such as business seminars and meetings, concerts, farmer's markets, flea markets, street fairs, and festivals.

Definition of a Large Event

  • Attracts 2,000 participants (attendees, staff, vendors, etc.) per average day of operation.
  • Charges admission price, or is free and sponsored by the city or county.

Definition of a Large Venue

  • Permanent facility that seats or serves an average of more than 2,000 participants (attendees, staff, vendors, etc.) per average day of operation.


Hauler Assistance

It is important that event organizers contact and work with their hauler to answer the following questions:

  • How many garbage and recycling carts, bins, and dumpster will the event require? 
  • Where should recycling receptacles be placed around the event area?
  • Will the hauler provide the data to fill out the Post-Event Recycling Report?

Recology San Mateo County is the City's Franchised Hauler and can work with event organizers to furnish the appropriate recycling receptacles, and provide the data for reporting your diversion efforts.To request a quote, please contact Recology at 650-595-3900.

The following guide provides additional information on how to collect and report the data required under AB 2176

Large Event Planning Guide

Large Event Brochure

For additional information on the law, please go to the CalRecycle website.

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