Water Consumption Customer Portal
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Water Consumption Customer Portal

Water Smart 

Welcome to the City of Foster City's Water Consumption Customer Portal!

Dear Water Customers, 

The Estero Municipal Improvement District is pleased to announce that we have activated the Water Consumption Customer Portal on the water meter software.  Do you want to see how you're doing with your conservation efforts? Compare last years, last months or last weeks usage?  This site can help you understand, modify and improve your water consumption!

The Water Consumption Customer Portal gives you, the account holder, access "near real time" information about your water usage online.  This powerful tool can be used to help you conserve water and save money.  In addition to "on demand" inquiries, you will be able to set daily, week and monthly alerts regarding your water usage.  

Register and log in to the Customer Connect website to see your usage and manage your water conservation efforts day to day!

To create your access to the Water Consumption Customer Portal, use this link: Customer Portal

  •  Click "Register" above the red lines on the window that pops up.
  •   After clicking Register,  the Registration Form will be displayed. 
  •  For the Customer Connect Access, use only the portion of your account number is the number to the right of the dash as it appears on your bill (for example: 123 - 45678 would log in as Account Number 45678.) 
  •  Choose a username that you will remember and follow the instructions for the rest of the entries.  

On this portal it will be important to note that consumption is reported in units of cubic feet (CF). 1 CF is approximately 7.48 gallons.  When you receive your bill, the unit reported is centum cubic feet, or 100 cubic feet (ccf). 1 CCF is approximately748 gallons

We hope this new feature will be interesting and useful to you.  Please feel free to contact the Estero Municipal Improvement District for assistance at 650-286-8140 . 

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Foster City, CA 94404
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