Water Shortage Emergency Declaration
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Water Shortage Emergency Declaration
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On August 4, 2014, the Estero Municipal Improvement District (EMID) Board declared a water shortage emergency.  In times of extended drought, declaration of a water shortage emergency allows the District to put in place measures to conserve water in the community. 

At this time the EMID has only implemented measures A, B, C, E, F and L in District Code Section 8.60.050. Under this declaration, water obtained from the EMID may NOT be used for the following: 

A. Washing vehicles with a hose that does not have an automatic shut-off device

B. Watering landscaping in a manner that results in flooding or water runoff onto sidewalks, gutters and streets, or during periods of precipitation

C. Watering outdoor landscaping between 10 AM and 6 PM  on any day of the week; and for more than 2 days in any 7 day period

E. Using water to clean outdoor areas, including buildings, sidewalks and driveways without prior approval by the Water Appeals Board

F.  Operating, cleaning or flushing any ornamental fountain or body of water unless there are extenuating circumstances as determined by the appeals board

L. Running water or washing with water that results in flooding or runoff in or on sidewalks, gutters or streets

Based on additional consideration of the severity of the drought, an additional water conservation measure was approved on November 3, 2014. Fines for violations are established as follows:

  • A fine of $100 for the first violation
  • A fine of $200 for the second violation
  • A fine of $500 for each additional violation within one year

Help us achieve a 12% reduction compared to 2013, to comply with the Governor's Executive Order.

With your help and efforts, we can achieve this water conservation goal! 

To report non-essential use or water waste, please contact us at 650-286-8140 or PublicWorks@fostercity.org 

Utility customers can request a water consumption report to check on the water conservation efforts by e-mailing the Finance Department at:  uilityrates@fostercity.org 

Rationing may ultimately be implemented as a final necessary measure if conservation is not sufficient to protect the water supply.  To read the full code and all available measures, follow the link in the features on the left column of this page.

Please visit our Water Conservation Page to read about how you can participate in water conservation.  EMID offers several outstanding conservation rebate programs to its residents, read more about how you can be reimbursed for your conservation efforts! Please take advantage of the resources on this page to comply with current regulations, learn more about water conservation and to find easy and inexpensive ways to reduce water usage. 

Click this Water Saving Tips link to guide you to various resources for conservation practices and ideas.

Download and print this Dear Neighbor door tag to use as a friendly reminder to help your neighbors be conscientious of the ongoing water conservation efforts.    

Thanks for doing what you can to make sure we conserve water as a precious resource! 

    Every drop counts

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Foster City, CA 94404
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