Water Saving Tips
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Water Saving Tips

Water resources are vital for the functioning of our homes, our businesses and our community. It is to your benefit as a homeowner, businessperson or community resident to use water wisely. If you save water you save money and energy and you help save the environment. The Water Department of the Estero Municipal Improvement District has several water-saving tips that will help you conserve water in your home.

  • Most of the water used in your home is used in the bathroom. A toilet uses five to seven gallons for each flush and a shower uses five to ten gallons per minute. Do not use the toilet for a trash can and flush only when necessary. Check for leaks in the toilet tank or bowl that can waste thousands of gallons of water a day. Shorten your showers. Turn off the water while soaping or shampooing and investigate flow restrictors and water-saving showerheads. Turn off the sink faucet while shaving, washing, or brushing your teeth.

EMID is currently offering rebates on replacement of 3.5 to 5.0 gallons per flush (gpf) toilets with 1.28 gpf or less. More information on the toilet rebate program can be found at the Toilet Rebate Program page.

  • Water can also be saved in the kitchen.  When cooking most foods, use less water and put a lid on the pot.  Plug the drain or use a pan of water when washing vegetables.  The water can later be poured onto houseplants.  Use the garbage disposal sparingly.  Load the dishwasher to capacity.  A partially filled washer wastes water and energy.
  • Water can also be saved outdoors. Use a broom instead of a hose to clean sidewalks and driveways.  Water your lawn slowly and thoroughly during cool morning or evening hours when there is little wind.  And don't waste water by letting it run on sidewalks, the driveway and into the street.

The Foster City Estero Municipal Improvement District (EMID) can help you save more money!  If you are an EMID water customer, there are additional rebates available to help you reduce your water use.  For more information please visit our Water Conservation Rebate Program page.

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